Women Stepping Up

January 2007 saw  the launch of an exciting new cross-border project in Cavan entitled “Women Stepping Up”. With Omagh College, Sligo County Enterprise Board and North West Institute as partners, Cavan Innovation & Technology Centre delivered management skills training to women working in small and medium sized enterprises in Cavan.

This initiative was designed to promote enterprise and management skills amongst women and targeted in particular, the self-employed; female owners or managers within SME’s; and female members of family owned businesses.

According to Paula Gallen, Project Officer, Omagh College, “The project aims to bring together women working in small businesses in Cavan, Leitrim, Omagh, Derry, and Sligo to share information and ideas. It will enable participants to enhance their competencies and skills both on a personal and business level and provide an ideal opportunity for women who work behind-the-scenes in family-owned businesses to come together in a relaxed and informal setting”.

“A broad range of fully-funded training courses were made available under this initiative including SAGE Accounting, Understanding Accounts & VAT, and People Management Skills.”

2004-2006 Projects

Two previous cross border projects delivered with partners Fermanagh College and Omagh College were Building Bridges for Border Business – a Retail Training Initiative and Women in Construction – a Management Skills training project for women working in small and medium sized construction companies.

Building Bridges for Border Business

This was an innovative cross-border project which provided small and medium sized retailers in Cavan and Fermanagh with access to business and ICT skills training. Operated by Fermanagh College and Cavan Innovation & Technology Centre from September 2003 to June 2006, it delivered the following:-

  • 12 Cross-Border Workshops
  • 2 Cross-Border Business Clusters with 30 firms in each
  • Training to 250 project participants
  • 2 Business Training Tools
  • 5 Seminars
  • 315 Information Packs
  • 5 Reports on business needs gaps
  • Trainer 40 Mentors in business tools
  • Assisted 250 SMEs in the use of business assessment tools
  • A Bulletin Board on the Web

Women in Construction

This cross-border training project provided management skills training to women employed within the construction industry in Cavan, Omagh and Fermanagh. The project commenced in 2004 and provided twenty-four Cavan-based business women with training in the following areas:-

  • University of Limerick Certificate in Personnel Management Practice
  • Understanding Accounts & VAT
  • Basic Computers
  • Assertiveness Skills
  • Marketing the Small Business
  • Communication Skills
  • Computerised Accounts
  • Payroll