Question 1: What is the purpose of the HATCH programme?

HATCH is the acronym for the Higher Attainment Through Cross Border Hubs initiative. It is an Education and Networking programme designed to deliver targeted, relevant training to those groups most affected the recession.

Question 2 Who is it aimed at?

The courses have been developed to address the needs of three main target groups:

Construction, Engineering and related sectors which would include architects, quantity surveyors, plumbers and electricians for example;

Migrant Workers and

Female Entrepreneurs

-three cohorts who have been particularly affected by the economic downturn.

Question 3: What is different about the courses?

Each course has been especially devised with the needs of the sector in mind. For example we have developed an Advanced Certificate in Management Practice in Public Procurement. This course has been devised in association with the University of Ulster to help those in the Construction, Engineering and related sectors with the tendering process. This is a really relevant, practical programme designed to give insight into and guidance on the tendering process particularly for Public Sector contracts.

Question 4: How will the programme be run?

We will deliver 36 courses benefitting some 420 students over a three and a half year period.

The courses will be run on a part-time basis and delivered primarily at the Cavan Innovation & Technology Centre unless otherwise specified. These programmes are part-time, block release and they will be supported by a number of networking events.

Our first Networking event will be at the end of October . We will have a number of speakers including John Fitzgerald the presenter of RTE’s very successful Rising After Redundancy Programme,’ giving their practical advise and insight on a range of topics affecting employment and employability. (Please see News & Events on the website for updates).

Question 5: Is there a cost associated with doing the courses? What determines eligibility?

No there is no associated cost with doing the courses. The courses are 100% funded for eligible participants as this project is part-financed by the European Union’s Regional Development Fund through the INTERREG lVA Cross-border Programme managed by the Special EU Programmes Body. Eligibility to participate on the programme is firstly determined by belonging to one of the three target groups – construction, engineering & related sectors, migrant workers or female entrepreneurs.

Secondly geography – you must be from the Central Border Region which is defined as the council areas of Armagh City & District Council, Cookstown District Council, Dungannon & South Tyrone Borough Council, Fermanagh District Council and Omagh District Council in Northern Ireland and Cavan County Council, Donegal County Council, Leitrim County Council, Monaghan County Council and Sligo County Council in the Republic.

Question 6 : Are the courses accredited?

Yes the courses are accredited either by the University of Ulster or South West College our delivery partners in this project.

Accreditation is from level 5 up to level 7 on the National Framework of Qualifications of Ireland – depending the course you choose.

This means participants have a qualification that is relevant and focused on their business area, is recognised and transferable.

Question 7: How much funding is there for the programme and who has allocated it?

The HATCH Project has received €1m over 3.5 years, 2010 – 2013 .HATCH has been part-financed by the EU’s INTEREG IVA Programme, managed by the Special EU Programmes Body. The remainder of the funding comes from the accountable departs Department of Enterprise Trade and Innovation in the Republic and the Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment, Northern Ireland.

Question 8: I am interested in a course. What should I do next.?

You should download or request the course specification from HATCH Admissions and inform yourself of its content. Then you should download or request a Training Needs Analysis – this is the means by which you register your interest in a course. On receipt of the completed Training Needs Analysis, the Admissions Team at HATCH will review your application and if you are eligible you will be issued with a course booking form and registeation instructions.

Question 9: Will I be a registered student?

Yes you will be a registered part-time student with the University of Ulster or South West College depending on the course you choose. You will then have access to all their facilities for part-time students.

Question 10: What if I do not have recent qualification but have significant work experience?

If you do not have a recent qualification but would like to be considered for a place, please fill in the Training Needs Analysis and if considered eligible you will be invited to an interview to secure a place on the programme.

Question 11: Will any of these courses affect my Social Welfare Payments?

If you are in receipt of Social Welfare payments you should be allowed to retain your benefits while taking part in any of the courses outlined, because of their part-time nature. Please advise your Social Welfare Dept/Officer of your participation on the programme.

View correspondance from Social Welfare (PDF, 68 kb)

Question 12: Where will the course be run?

The courses will take place at Cavan Innovation & Technology Centre unless otherwise specified.

Question 13: Who do I contact?

For further information contact HATCH Admissions, Cavan Innovation & Technology Centre, Dublin Road, Cavan T: 049 43 77277; Fax: 049 4377250 email:; W: