CITC, in partnership with a number of third level institutions, offers a broad range of business and management skills programmes locally in Cavan.  In addition, we also deliver corporate training courses on a day and evening basis in the areas of IT Skills, Business Skills and Health and Safety. Our partners in the delivery of corporate training include IPASS and the Institute of Training and Development (IITD).

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Cavan Innovation & Technology Centre (CITC) Launches Two Accredited University Programmes in Collaboration with Technological University of the Shannon Midland Midwest and


CITC is thrilled to announce the introduction of two accredited university programmes in partnership with the Technological University of the Shannon Midland Midwest (TUS) and These innovative programmes are a part of the Learning in the Hubs initiative, a collaborative effort between Connected Hubs and TUS, specifically the Faculty of Continuing, Professional, Online, and Distance Learning’s TUS Learning Gate concept. This ground-breaking initiative aims to bring third-level education to communities all across Ireland through the Connected Hubs network, enabling adult learners to study locally within a supportive group environment.


The two programmes offered through this collaboration are the Certificate in Business in Entrepreneurship and the Bachelor of Business degree programme. The Certificate in Business in Entrepreneurship aims to empower and support potential entrepreneurs, start-ups, and local businesses, while the Bachelor of Business degree programme seeks to increase access to higher education for adult learners.


One of the unique features of these programmes is the inclusion of industry expert lecturers who bring extensive experience and real-life examples into the classroom. This approach bridges the gap between theoretical learning and practical application, enabling participants to apply their newfound knowledge in the workplace and real-life scenarios.


The Learning in the Hubs initiative addresses two major obstacles commonly faced by adult learners: financial constraints and the challenge of balancing study with family or work obligations. By offering flexible learning options, CITC ensures that individuals can access the programmes in a way that suits their busy lifestyles. This flexibility is especially valuable for those seeking employment, as it enhances their professional development and employability.



CITC, TUS, and are excited to join forces to make lifelong learning more accessible and impactful for individuals throughout Ireland. With the support of this initiative, adult learners can pursue higher education and acquire the skills needed for personal and professional growth.


About Technological University of the Shannon Midland Midwest (TUS):

TUS is a multi-campus technological university spread across six campuses throughout Ireland’s Midwest and Midlands region.. With a focus on continuing, professional, online, and distance learning, TUS is committed to expanding access to education and promoting lifelong learning.


About is a network of remote working hubs across Ireland, aiming to bridge the digital divide and empower communities through accessible workspace and educational opportunities. Their collaborative efforts with educational institutions like TUS make third-level education accessible to individuals in local communities.


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